11 July 2012

A2Billing send connect signal for calls too early

When using A2Billing to place wholesale calls it’s possible that A2Billing send connect signal for a call before it is answered.

The reason that this happens is that Asterisk is answering the call, when it doesn’t need to. It only needs to answer the call if you want to play audio to the caller (balance, time remain...) but you would not normally do this for wholesale calls.

  1. Ensure Asterisk does not answer the callIn your Asterisk dial plan, ensure that the context that SIP calls are getting passed to does not have an "Answer" line in it. The used context is "a2billing" and it is in the "/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf" file.[billing]exten => _X.,1,Agi(a2billing.php,1).
  2. Ensure A2Billing is not set to answer the callIn the agi-conf that you are using for the calls, ensure that the "answer_call" option is set to "no".

  1. Ensure there is no "H" on the Asterisk dial commandHaving a "H" in the A2Billing dialcommand_param can cause Asterisk to answer the call and cause incorrect billing. 

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